EZGlobal LLC is software internet Media Company specializing in web design, programming, e-commerce, data analysis, databases design/optimization and super computers. This is what we do:
E- Commerce/Web Design
Expert in building e-commerce sites with complicated functionality. User Logins, shopping carts, check out, payment processing system (Credit Cards, Paypal), customer management system, complex user interactions. We build sites using open source software, Perl , PHP, Apache, Tomcat, JSP, Java, Ruby, Rails .
linux tux
Ten years experience with C++, Java, SQL, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Rails, Java Script, and Unix Shell Scripting. We have a solution to every computer problems. Our goal is to solve client's problems, make their lives better by streamlining processes and providing customized or opensource software solutions.
Data Analysis
During this information age, data is a very valuable resource and we often have a lot of them. Its value can only be unleashed if we can make sense of it. We've been helping fortune 500 companies do analysis for seven years improving their marketing strategies, optimizing operations and better managing their business.
Linux Web Server, File, Email, Storage if you need them, we build them.
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Super Computers
Do you need the infrastructure to saturate you high volume data? Is your server overwhelmed by visitors? Looking for low cost reliable answer? With computer processing power increasing exponentially and hardware becoming a commodity, we can build super computers using low cost hardware and open source software to speed things up. These machines will answer your queries and serve visitors before the blink of an eye.
Internet Media
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Automation is our specialty. Anything can be automated!